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Party Safe Fentanyl Test Strips - 12ct

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Introducing Party Safe – Fentanyl Test Strips

Party Safe is your go-to solution for fentanyl detection.
Our reliable fentanyl test strip product includes 5 test strips and 1 straightforward instruction sheet.

With Party Safe, you can easily and accurately identify the presence of fentanyl,
a potent synthetic opioid, within various substances.
Our product is designed for simplicity and convenience.

Party Safe empowers you to make informed decisions, promoting a safer environment for all.

Party Safe is a must-have tool for concerned people in all walks of life, and anyone navigating social scenes.
By Party Safe Fentanyl test strips, you take an active role in protecting yourself and those around you.

Choose Party Safe for peace of mind and stay ahead of potential risks. Made in the USA, our product
reflects our commitment to quality and reliability. Stay safe with Party Safe – your trusted fentanyl test strips.


• 12 boxes (units) per display
• 5 easy to read fentanyl test strips per unit
• 1 instruction sheet per unit
• Easy to read results in minutes


See box image and instruction sheet for all warnings and instructions

MSRP per unit: $16.99