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Newport Zero Torch Small - Metallic 20ct

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Introducing the Newport Zero Metallic Torch. This compact torch was designed to be functional and durable. It's refillable and powered by clean butane. The torch features a built-in adjustable switch to regulate the size of the flame and control the amount of butane being burnt. Available in four different colors, the Newport Zero Metallic comes with 20 individual torches. - 20ct pack - 4 colors - Butain refilible - Pocket Size Butane Torch Lighter - Powerful Flame - 3 Seconds Quick Refill - One-click piezo ignition system - Metallic Color Style - Fuel Cap. 12ml - Burning Time per tank: 10min - Flame Temp. (Max): 2000 - 2300 Degree Fahrenheit

MSRP: $6.99