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Lookah Seahorse See Through Coil

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Introducing the Lookah Seashorse See Through Coil, a revolutionary 1.2-ohm coil compatible with all Lookah Seashorse vape products. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the entire Seashorse vape pen range, these 510 coils feature a transparent tube that elegantly showcases the vapor within. Crafted with an advanced porous quartz tip, this coil efficiently vaporizes concentrates when heated, ensuring a smooth and flavorful experience.

Warning: Do not dip the coils into the concentrate. This will cause oversaturation of the coil, clogging the coils, and decreasing the vaporization rate. It is recommended to lightly touch the edge of the tip of the coil to the concentrates, not dipping it into the concentrate.

MSRP: $39.99