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Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Black

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The LOOKAH Seahorse series pens stand out as the best-selling battery-powered nectar collector pens in the market. "Seahorse Pen" has become synonymous with "electric nectar collector" due to its popularity and performance. The Seahorse pen offers unmatched portability, ease of use, and reliability compared to other wax pen kits. Simply hold it close to the concentrates, press the button, and enjoy a thick cloud of vapor with excellent flavor. This powerful 650mAh last a week for the average user.

- Battery: 650mAh.
- Fast heating up & new coil compatibility.
- Straightforward to Clean.
- Portable and durable.
- Easy connect type-C USB port.
- Compatible with many 510 cartridges.

MSRP: $53.99