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Lookah MINI Q7 Green

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The LOOKAH Q7 Mini Enail banger represents a leap forward in compactness, simplicity, and usability compared to its predecessors. With a robust 950mAh battery, it provides approximately 80 to 100 sessions per charge, ensuring extended use without frequent recharging. Utilizing the 710-thread quartz atomizer range, it enhances flavor profiles for a superior dabbing experience. The kit includes four coil types, allowing users to customize their heat preferences and flavor intensity to suit individual tastes effectively.

- 950mAh Battery
- 0.6-5ohm
- Compatible with LOOKAH 710 Wax Cart Series
- Magnetic flip-top for easy Loading
- Intuitive digital display shows battery charge and mode
- Powerful 950mAh battery offers around 80 to 100 uses per charge.
- Small and convenient size fits in your pocket
- Male joint fits 14 to 18mm female pipe joints

MSRP: $79.99