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Lookah Dragon Egg Grey

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The LOOKAH Dragon Egg dab E-rig stands out with its innovative design placing the bubbler at the bottom, a departure from traditional setups where it's typically at the top. This unique positioning offers several key advantages, it enhances portability by keeping the rig compact, measuring just 3.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Placing the water further from the mouthpiece prevents splashback issues common in rigs with top-mounted bubblers. This design allows for a larger water capacity, improving comfort during use. The independent access to coils simplifies maintenance, eliminating the need to remove a bulky bubbler for coil adjustments or replacements, thus reducing the risk of damage. Capable of prodcuitng 3 modes, 3.2v, 3.6v and 4.0v.

MSRP: $99.99