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IB Linda Biggs Cone Funnel and Filler (12 ct)

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Introducing the Cone Funnel & Filler, an extraordinary product brought to you by Influenced Brandz, featuring the enchanting fantasy watercolor forest fairies artwork by Linda Biggs. Each box of this vibrantly branded product contains 12 units, making it a must-have for cone enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With the Cone Funnel & Filler, convenience meets elegance. The tear-off display allows for effortless showcasing of the units, making them instantly accessible to your customers. Alternatively, you can hang the units to create a captivating arrangement that complements your unique retail space, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder.

Crafted with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, this product ensures a seamless cone-filling experience. The cone funnel enables precise and mess-free cone filling, eliminating spills and wasted materials – the Cone Funnel & Filler transforms the filling process into a delightful journey.

Linda Biggs’ fantasy watercolor forest fairies artwork adds a magical touch, turning each unit into a captivating collector’s item and a conversation starter for fans of the unique artist.

Choose the Cone Funnel & Filler for an exceptional cone-filling experience, enhanced by the vibrant branding and the enchanting artwork of Linda Biggs. Whether displayed in tear-off form or hung, these units will create a captivating atmosphere in your retail space, enchanting your customers with the beauty of the forest fairies.

Each unit includes:

• 1 Branded Funnel
• 1 Branded Cone Filler
• 1 Wood Packing Rod