Hush: Energy Shot

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Hush’s Ultra Kratom Extract blended with caffeine and flavored Orange.

  • Shot = 2oz.
  • Box = 12 Shots.
  • (MC) Master Case = 12 Boxes.
  • 80mg of Caffeine per shot.
  • 63-65mg of 40% Mit Extract per shot.
  • 1x Shot = 4-5 grams of plain leaf powder.
  • (3x Times More Than The Leading Brand).
  • Start with Very Little to Test Effects.

MSRP per Shot: $7.99

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Hush Energy 2oz shot 12ct Box – Mitragynine + Caffeine. Best selling kratom + energy shot.

Introducing Hush Kratom Energy shot. A full spectrum extract blast of energy. MSRP $7.99 Shot.

  • Shot = 2oz.
  • Box = 12 Shots.
  • (MC) Master Case = 12 Boxes.
  • Quick and efficient method of kratom delivery.
  • So fast and easy to consume.
  • No added Sugar.
  • 63-65mg of Mitragynine in each 2oz shot.
  • 3x times more than the leading brand.
  • 80mg of caffeine to jump-start your day.
  • Hush’s trademark strong kratom punch.
  • Some customers have reported that there is virtually no kratom taste.
  • Unique product to graduate your customers from traditional powder and capsule kratom.

Each shot = 4-5 grams of plain leaf powder

MSRP per Shot: $7.99