Child-Safety: Harlequinn E-Liquid Packaging

Harlequinn E-Liquid and Child Poison Prevention

Thank you for choosing Harlequinn E-Liquids.  We are dedicated to ensuring that child-safety is never compromised when packaging the products you enjoy.  As per recent federal legislation called the Child Nicotine Poison Prevention Act of 2015 all e-liquid manufacturers are required to provide their products in packaging that is compliant with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 with specific attention to sections 1700.15 and 1700.20.

By law the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires, where child-safety restrictions are concerned, that either a domestic packaging manufacturer or the packaging importer provide to all end users some specific certifications.  Those certifications must show that all necessary testing  was performed on the packaging and that the testing and results meet compliance requirements to ensure child safety.

Also, the CPSC has informed us that we must generate our very own child safety compliance documentation, referencing any and all certifications provided to us by our packaging suppliers. For that reason we have made our GCC certificates available via the links below.

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